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“Tirtha Yatri”-Zhan Ying's Exhibition will be opening in the Art Bridge Gallery on September 15, 2018!


开幕时间| Opening
2018.09.15 pm 3:00 (周六| Saturday)
展览时间| Exhibition Date
展览地点| Address
D09-1 No.4,798 Art zone Jiuxianqiao Road,Chaoyang District,Beijing.
主办单位| Organizer
Art Bridge Gallery
特别鸣谢| Special Thanks
Baokai (Shanghai) Technology Co.,Ltd
媒体支持| Media
艺术中国 / 雅昌艺术网 / 艺术客 / 在艺 / 艺厘米
art.china.cn / artron.net / scope / zaiart / aricm

鎏金江山之一  |  综合材料  60x100cm  2018
Gilding landscape 1  |  comprehensive material  60x100cm  2018







乐未央之三  |  综合材料  45x160cm  2018
Endless Pleasure 3  |  comprehensive material  45x160cm  2018

Indulgence Danger
—Reflection on Zhan Ying's Paintings

Zhang Taiqi

There is a feeling when watching Zhan Ying’s paintings, called indulgence danger: if she moves slightly towards material world, she will immediately be chased by the rich and tycoons, for her paintings bearing magnificent and luxurious temperament of Oriental charm; if she moves slightly towards artistic world, she would turn to be Madame Xu Mu who would quietly wait in the historic dusty corner to be recognized after three thousands years, for her paintings also bearing the first-rate lofty status of Oriental charm.

However, she stands by the dangerous Cliffside steadily and firmly!Standing there right and left, Chinese and Western, Ancient and Modern, inside and outside, cold and hot, indigo and green, gold and silver, shining inside out, fully pellucid, which enable you to feel like standing in front of a room with all sides windows at the top layer of a high-rise building. And also like at a night full of twinkling stars, breeze like exquisite and smooth brocade wraps your shoulder and hip. Rose color? No. Amber color wine glowing in the luminous jade cup in hand, slightly open your mouth, refrain yourself from drinking it, being frightened over there, at that time background music should be Debussy’s.

Oh, what did I see actually? In front of the masterpiece of the Northern Song’s artist Wang Ximeng《Thousands miles of mountains and rivers》, the young 18 year’s old artist’s bright piercing eyes;the ancient style of generosity and steadiness from Han-Wei Dynasty’s stone carving;Sympathy of Buddhist, immortal of Taoism, unsophisticated of Confucianism,as well as the toughness of Legalism, and conscientiousness of Logicians. Not enough, not enough, please shift your sight to Western world, to Modern times, the inclusiveness to Western Modern Art has embraced, the collision and blend for the Western Modern Art has comprised, the openness, the freedom and diversification of Art has also involved.

It is reunion of blowing wind from all directions, it is gathering of ancient and modern times, it is fusion of Buddha-mind and divine spirit,it is repeatedly blending from deep bottom of heart, and also appropriate consideration. Thereafter, it becomes peaceful, serene, hearty, modern, and invulnerable! And then, danger began to disappear, while nobleness suddenly arises.


如去如来之二  |  综合材料  90x70cm  2018
Tathagata 2  |  comprehensive material  90x70cm  2018


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